Old Members

The following people once belonged to our group since former Ocean Research Institute had been reorginized and our group had started in 2000.

Name Leaving date Last position here Notes
YOSHIDA, Jiro March, 2020 Research Fellow
MATSUURA, Tomonori March, 2020 Research Fellow
TANAKA, Mamoru March, 2020 Research Fellow
KIMURA, Shino March, 2020 Postgraduate (M.C., Science)
MIYAMOTO, Masatoshi March, 2019 Postgraduate (D.C., Science) Now, staff of Japan Meteorological Agency.
YAMADA, Kodai March, 2019 Postgraduate (D.C., Science) Now, staff of Japan Meteorological Agency.
GOTO, Yasutaka March, 2018 Postgraduate (D.C., Science) Now, staff of Japan Meteorological Agency.
YAMAMOTO, Ryo March, 2018 Postgraduate (M.C., Science)  
KIKUCHI, Masaaki March, 2018 Postgraduate (M.C., Science)  
HSU, Po-Chun February, 2018 Taiwanese Overseas Student  
FUKUMURA, Eriko January, 2018 Secretary  
TANAKA, Takahiro March, 2017 Research Fellow Now, Researcher for Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute.
KATSURA, Shota March, 2017 Postgraduate (D.C., Science) Now, Researcher for AORI.
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TSUJI, Hideyuki March, 2017 Postgraduate (M.C., Science)  
FURUKAWA, Takuro March, 2015 Postgraduate (M.C., Science)  
TOMOSADA, Akira August, 2014 Project Researcher Died during his term.
HIBINO, Hidemi March, 2014 Secretary Secretary for Dynamic Marine Meteorology Group.
ANDO, Koujiro March, 2012 Postgraduate (D.C., Frontier Science)  
KAWABE, Masaki January, 2012 Professor Died during his tenure.
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KITAGAWA, Shoji March, 2010 Technical staff  
MAYUZUMI, Kento March, 2010 Postgraduate (M.C., Science)  
SOGO, Fukuko March, 2010 Secretary  
KATO, Fumihiro March, 2009 Postgraduate (D.C., Science)  
KOHARA, Satomi March, 2009 Postgraduate (M.C., Frontier Science)  
ITO, Taihei March, 2008 Postgraduate (M.C., Science)  
KOMAKI, Kanae September, 2007 Postgraduate (D.C., Frontier Science)  
NAGANO, Akira March, 2005 P.D. researcher Now, Researcher for JAMSTEC.
TAIRA, Keisuke August, 2002 Professor Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo.
UH, Jesun March, 2002 COE Researcher Now, Professor in Department of Deep Ocean Water, Kyungdong University (Korea).
FUJIO, Shinzou May, 2001 Research Associate Now, Associate professor in Ocean Variability Dynamics Group, Department of Physical Oceanography, AORI.
KIMURA, Noriyo March, 2001 Secretary