Old Members

The following people once belonged to our group since former Ocean Research Institute had been reorginized and our group had started in 2000.

NameLeaving dateLast position hereNotes
ZHANG, AiqiMarch, 2023Postgraduate (D.C., Science)
OYABU, RyosukeMarch, 2022Postgraduate (M.C., Science)
NIINUMA, TakuMarch, 2022Postgraduate (M.C., Science)
HAMAMOTO, MasakiMarch, 2021Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
LEE, KeunjongApril, 2020Research FellowNow, Researcher for KIOST (Korea).
TANAKA, MamoruMarch, 2020Research Fellow 
KIMURA, ShinoMarch, 2020Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
MIYAMOTO, MasatoshiMarch, 2019Postgraduate (D.C., Science)Now, staff of Japan Meteorological Agency.
YAMADA, KodaiMarch, 2019Postgraduate (D.C., Science)Now, staff of Japan Meteorological Agency.
GOTO, YasutakaMarch, 2018Postgraduate (D.C., Science)Now, staff of Japan Meteorological Agency.
YAMAMOTO, RyoMarch, 2018Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
KIKUCHI, MasaakiMarch, 2018Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
HSU, Po-ChunFebruary, 2018Taiwanese Overseas Student 
FUKUMURA, ErikoJanuary, 2018Secretary 
TANAKA, TakahiroMarch, 2017Research FellowNow, Researcher for Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute.
KATSURA, ShotaMarch, 2017Postgraduate (D.C., Science)Now, Researcher for AORI.
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TSUJI, HideyukiMarch, 2017Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
FURUKAWA, TakuroMarch, 2015Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
TOMOSADA, AkiraAugust, 2014Project ResearcherPassed away during his term.
HIBINO, HidemiMarch, 2014SecretarySecretary for Dynamic Marine Meteorology Group.
ANDO, KoujiroMarch, 2012Postgraduate (D.C., Frontier Science) 
KAWABE, MasakiJanuary, 2012ProfessorPassed away during his tenure.
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KITAGAWA, ShojiMarch, 2010Technical staff Passed away in March 2021.
MAYUZUMI, KentoMarch, 2010Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
SOGO, FukukoMarch, 2010Secretary 
KATO, FumihiroMarch, 2009Postgraduate (D.C., Science) 
KOHARA, SatomiMarch, 2009Postgraduate (M.C., Frontier Science) 
ITO, TaiheiMarch, 2008Postgraduate (M.C., Science) 
KOMAKI, KanaeSeptember, 2007Postgraduate (D.C., Frontier Science) 
NAGANO, AkiraMarch, 2005P.D. researcherNow, Researcher for JAMSTEC.
TAIRA, KeisukeAugust, 2002ProfessorProfessor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo.
Passed away in March 2021.
UH, JesunMarch, 2002COE ResearcherNow, Professor in Department of Deep Ocean Water, Kyungdong University (Korea).
FUJIO, ShinzouMay, 2001Research AssociateNow, Associate professor in Ocean Variability Dynamics Group, Department of Physical Oceanography, AORI.
KIMURA, NoriyoMarch, 2001Secretary