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Themes of my research
Bubble Convection
When small bubbles are produced below a water layer, a large-scale convective motion occurs.
Frontal Instability
Fronts in the atmosphere or in the oceans are unstable, and distubances develop there.
Transition modes of rotating shallow water waves
Under what condition do Kelvin waves or mixed Rossby-gravity waves exist? Does Lamb-wave exist also in the ocean?
Critical layer instability
When phase speed of a wave and fluid velocity coincides, something strage happens.
Criterion for sign of wave-momentum in shallow-water system
It is useful to judge the stability of flows.
Identification of modes in non-uniform potential vorticity flow
It is necessary for the theory of intermediate-scale waves near tropopause as well as explanation of shear instability.
Quasi Geostrophic Turbulence
In the large scale motions of the atmosphere and the ocean, horizontal motion surpasses. In two-dimentional motions, in constrast with three-dimensional ones, energy is transformed to small wavenumber (large scale).