ICCP-GSRA Workshop 2023, jointly with
The 2nd EarthCARE Modeling Workshop


ICCP-GSRA Workshop 2023,
jointly with the 2nd EarthCARE Modeling Workshop
for improving cloud, convection and radiation of global models



This workshop is intended to enhance activities of the cutting-edge atmospheric climate and weather models, including "K-scale" or global storm-resolving models and their collaboration with the EarthCARE satellite.

The EarthCARE satellite is scheduled to be launched in 2023, with the first-ever global observations of the vertical motion of cloud particles from space (by CPR Doppler measurement). Before the launch, we would like to invite modeling scientists to discuss possible directions and areas of collaboration between the EarthCARE satellite and modeling communities for advancing model representations of cloud and convection physics. We also aim to facilitate the ongoing discussions of NASA AOS, which is planned for launch around 2030.

This workshop is jointly hosted by International Core-to-Core Project on Global Storm Resolving Analysis (ICCP-GSRA), which enhances activities for promoting international collaboration for global storm-resolving meteorological data analysis and their social implementation.


Expected participants: