Department of Physical Oceanography
Works towards the quantitative and physical understanding of ocean circulation and its variability, water mass formation, atmosphere-ocean interactions, atmospheric and oceanic disturbances through observations, experiments, and theory.

Sections and staff

Research Group of Ocean Circulation
Main themes
  • Variability of upper ocean circulation in the Pacific
  • Observation and dynamics of Pacific intermediate and deep circulations and mixing
  • Long-term variations of climate, ocean and ecosystem
Research staff
Research Group of Dynamic Marine Meteorology
Main themes
  • The Atmospheric General Circulation
  • Development of a global cloud resolving model (NICAM) and study of numerical schemes
  • Dynamics of convective clouds and their organization
  • Atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers
  • Laboratory experiments on atmospheric and oceanic disturbances
Research staff
Research Group of Ocean Variability Dynamics
Main themes
  • Observation of deep currents
  • Study of wave and turbulence in polar seas
Research staff

Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute The University of Tokyo